Gender Female
First Appearance "The Cigar Store Indian"
Last Appearance "The Cigar Store Indian"
Portrayed By Kimberly Guerrero

Winona is a minor character on the television show Seinfeld.


Winona is a beautiful friend of Elaine Benes whom Jerry Seinfeld met at Elaine’s apartment. She only appeared once, in “The Cigar Store Indian”. She was portrayed by Kimberly Guerrero.

Jerry's date with Winona first went well, with her commenting that most white men were only interested in her because of the mystique of a Navajo woman, which Jerry seemed not to make an issue. It took a turn for the worse when Kramer was nearby and boasted to Jerry about acquiring a cigar store Indian then hitting his mouth making Indian whooping noises, which was misconstrued by Winona and caused embarrassment for Jerry, turning their relationship into a strained one.


Season Five