The following is a brief history of the Wiki. It may contain missing information, and as long as the Wiki lasts, the history will keep growing. It is also given in a third-person point of view.

WikiSein is a collaborative encyclopedia about the hit show, Seinfeld.




On January 23, 2006, Wikisein (notice the capitalization) was formed by Gimli. He made 62 edits until July 5, many of which were creating pages.



After Gimli left, the other users left too. For the next few years, the Wiki remained inactive, with many pages added by passersby and some semi-active users.


New Bureaucrat

On April 12, 2011 Wendy gave DaRanger bureaucratic rights, as per an adoption request. Here, he made a background, and implemented badges on the Wiki. He also changed the Wiki name from Wikisein to WikiSein. Fandyllic also made a wordmark for WikiSein and wiki logo.

A Staff's Help

On April 30, Ohmyn0 (Trevor), a Wikia Staff member offered to help the project. Here, he made a color scheme for the wiki, which improved many pages and templates. He however left with some plans not completed, but were later finished by users.


During his brief absence, DaRanger granted admin rights to active users Frantik! and MrAwesome300. After his return, they kept their admin rights.


On August 30, WikiSein was approved for a Wikia spotlight to bring users in to the Wiki. The Spotlight ran, but was not shown very often, disappointing the users, and barely brought in any users.


On September 19, WikiSein grew into Twitter. We can be followed @WikiSein.


During late 2011, WikiSein went inactive, but was revived by Staff member Christian in late December. He stayed for a while after making some aesthetic changes. Inactive admins Frantik! and MrAwesome300 were demoted.



On January 18, to oppose SOPA, WikiSein, along with other websites, including Wikipedia, used javascript to redirect the wiki to the anti-SOPA petition.

New Admin

On February 14, 2012, HOMR123 is promoted to administrator for his continuing work on the wiki.