Wendy is a woman who appeared in "The Kiss Hello". She was friends with Elaine, and eventually dates Kramer for a short time; she is also a physical therapist. Jerry once gave her a kiss when he saw her (a "kiss hello") and from then on whenever they saw each other Wendy gave him a kiss, which very much annoyed him. Wendy also had a 1960s style haircut that Elaine did not like, so she had an idea that if she brought Wendy up to Jerry's apartment and if Kramer saw her hair (seeing as Kramer was always so blunt) he would tell her she needed to get a haircut. However, Elaine's plan backfired and Kramer loved her haircut. He even went so far as to tell her she'd be a fool to cut her hair; this intrigued her and led her to ask Elaine if she could date Kramer. George had made a physical therapy appointment with Wendy, but he missed it; since he did not give 24 hours’ notice that he was going to miss the apointment, he still had to pay (which enraged George, since he is fairly cheap). Elaine and Wendy go skiing but Wendy makes Elaine walk the last few blocks while carrying all of her skis, which makes Elaine very upset. In the end, Kramer breaks up with Wendy, saying she changed her hairstyle and he does not like her anymore. She was portrayed by Wendie Malick.

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