At this point, I think that most (if not everyone) people are very familiar with Michael's infamous racial tirade at the Laugh Factory in 2006. I imagine that he lost quite a few fans during this incident (that's probably an understatement) and I would just like to know has your opinion of the man changed as a result of this? Why or why not? I am in no way going to try to defend his actions, because I think what he was saying was quite awful.

I'll answer my question here. Well, first of all, I want to say that this whole incident really saddened me, and it still kind of does whenever I think of it. It's hard to watch such a beloved character and actor act in such a manner. There's no defending his actions and I doubt anyone has tried to. But to answer my question more directly, no this incident did not really change my opinion of Michael Richards. I've always known, from watching the extras on the Seinfeld DVDs and such, that Michael is quite an eccentric man who also takes his work very seriously. If you've seen any of the blooper reels Richards gets quite angry at some points when his co-stars break out in laughter, ruining his concentration. I've always thought that Michael Richards had a bad temper, and that he could be pushed over the edge at any moment. The Laugh Factory incident was a terrible moment in his career, and something that he should never have done. It just makes me really sad that this incident is probably what most people remember about Michael Richards now and I think it's a terrible shame that this beautiful and beloved character that he portrayed for upwards of 9 years is overshadowed by one night of madness.

Anway, there's my thought. What about you?