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Uncle Leo
Gender Male
Family Mother: Nana

Father: Unnamed Father

Wife: Stella

Sister: Helen Seinfeld

Son: Jeffrey

Nephew: Jerry Seinfeld

Niece: Unnamed niece

Brother-in-law: Morty Seinfeld

First Appearance "The Pony Remark"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Occupation Retired
Portrayed By Len Lesser

Uncle Leo is Jerry Seinfeld's uncle (his mother's brother), a bit character who is, even by Seinfeld universe standards, eccentric. When coming across Jerry, he exclaims, "Jerry! Hello!" with his arms wide open. He often brags about his son and his various accomplishments while working in the Parks Department. He, however, unintentionally became the leader of a different organization that did not like parks (episode 104). Leo's son is never seen but Jerry often refers to him as "cousin Jeffrey". Jerry doesn't like sitting next to him at dinner tables, because he grabs his arm a lot. In one episode, Jerry Seinfeld unintentionally has Uncle Leo arrested for shoplifting at a local bookstore. During this episode, we learn that Uncle Leo has a record related to a "crime of passion". In another episode Leo receives a package for Jerry that Jerry seems to think looks suspicious. Jerry encourages Leo to open the package while talking on the phone and Jerry hears a loud explosion. However, Leo went unharmed, as a can of oven cleaner he left in the oven, exploded, and not the package. Uncle Leo is played by Len Lesser and appears in 15 episodes of Seinfeld.


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