Tor Eckman is a one-time character in "The Heart Attack".

Fictional Biography

During his one-time appearance Tor claims he became a healer to fight the medical establishment, believing it functions like a business and is only interested in keeping people sick so they can make more money. He also claimed to have lived with eskimos briefly where he supposedly learned some of his healing techniques. Tor knew both Kramer and Jerry before this episode, with Jerry claiming Tor was a nut who spent time in prison, whereas Kramer claims Tor is a rebel who was framed. George goes to Tor in "The Heart Attack" due to the cheaper price (38 dollars for the first time visit) rather then a hospital stay which would cost thousands of dollars. Once there, Tor performed a series of unorthodox tests on George by feeling his face and telling him he should have waited for a different month to be born. Tor also insists that George start taking cold showers. Tor claimed George's illness wasn't tonsilitis, but actually was caused by an imbalance with nature involving the elements of air and wind. Tor makes a special tea for George that was meant to heal him, but actually ended up turning George purple and forcing him to go to the hospital. Tor Eckman was portrayed by Stephen Tobolowsky.

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