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“This is like working with a contestant from The Price is Right.”

Gender Female
First Appearance "The Fire"
Occupation Editor at Pendant Publishing
Portrayed By Veanne Cox

Toby is one of Elaine’s co-workers at Pendant Publishing. She was played by Veanne Cox and appeared in the fifth season’s “The Fire”. Toby can be obnoxious, has a hyperactive personality and is almost always excited about something. She was assigned by Pendant Publishing to help Kramer write his coffee table book about coffee tables. She booed and hissed at Jerry during one of his stand-up performances. Jerry got revenge on her by heckling her at her place of employment. Toby lost a pinky toe in a freak accident with a street sweeper, but was able to have it successfully re-attached when Kramer brought it packed in a Cracker Jack box full of ice to the emergency room where she was. Toby was promoted over Elaine because her boss felt sorry for her.

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