"The Wait Out"
The wait out
Season 7
Episode 133
Air Date May 9, 1996
Writer(s) Peter Mehlman
Director Andy Ackerman
The Bottle Deposit · The Invitations

"The Wait Out" was the 23rd episode of Season Seven of Seinfeld, and the 133rd episode overall. It first aired on May 9, 1996.


George makes an off-hand joking remark ("boy, you could do a lot better than him!") to a married couple with a rocky relationship, leading to the woman (Debra Messing) to reconsider their relationship, thinking maybe she can do better, and ultimately leading to their breakup; Elaine and Jerry make plans to move in on the separated couple, but George, troubled by the results of his comment, tries to get them back together. The man (Cary Elwes) from the couple makes the same remark to George and Susan, who acts in somewhat the same way the couple did when George made the remark; George sees this as a hopeful sign that Susan would call off the marriage. Eventually, yet unfortunately for George, the couple gets back together again. Elaine starts driving again and almost makes Jerry sick. Kramer starts wearing jeans he bought from Dungarees, but they are so tight that he cannot get them off, nor can he sit down. A resident asks Kramer to babysit her son, but the child mistakes Kramer's stilted gait — due to the jeans — as that of Frankenstein's Monster. Kramer runs after him, but is arrested by a cop who thinks Kramer is trying to kidnap the boy.


George: I gotta go talk to Beth!

Jerry: Talk to Beth?

George: Yeah, I gotta undo what I did!

Jerry: You're not undoing anything!

George: Oh, yes, I am!

- George and Jerry

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