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The Pines of Mar Gables is a fictional condominium complex in Florida.


The Pines of Mar Gables is a retirement condominium complex. This was one of the known condominium complexes where Morty Seinfeld and Helen Seinfeld resided in its Phase II area.

In "The Pen," Morty Seinfeld was revealed to be the president of the condominium tenants' board.

In "The Cadillac Pt. 1," Jack Klompus accused Morty of embezzlement when Jerry Seinfeld bought him a Cadillac. In "The Cadillac Pt. 2," Morty is removed from office following a unanimous voice and chairman of the board Herb swears in condominium vice-president Jack Klompus in as the new president of the tenants board as part of the second constitution of The Pines of Mar Gables Phase II. Morty and Helen then move away from The Pines of Mar Gables Phase II with some residents seeing them off as they later move to Del Boca Vista Phase III. Some of them were sad to see them go.

The incident at The Pines of Mar Gables Phase II is later referenced in "The Wizard" when Jerry mentions that Morty can't run for condo president of Del Boca Vista Phase III because he got impeached at The Pines of Mar Gables.

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