The Pez Dispenser

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"The Pez Dispenser"
Season 3
Episode 31
Air Date January 15, 1992
Writer(s) Larry David
Director Tom Cherones
The Subway · The Suicide

"The Pez Dispenser" is the 14th episode of the third season of Seinfeld and the 31st overall. It premiered on January 15, 1992.


Jerry receives a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser from Kramer, and likes it. George is dating a new girl he really likes, a pianist named Noel, and wants to take Jerry and Elaine to her piano recital that night. George doesn't feel like he has the upper hand, or for that matter, "any hand at all" in the relationship, and is hoping that if Noel sees him with his friends, he will look more popular and somehow gain the upper hand, or at least equality to her. During her piano playing, Jerry puts the Pez dispenser on Elaine's leg and she begins to burst out laughing. Noel keeps on playing and many people shush Elaine, but she can't stop laughing and goes outside. There, she sees an old friend who tells her that another old high school friend, Richie, is now a comedian but is "kinda messed up" on drugs and will not listen to anyone to stop him, but the only person he will listen to is Jerry, whom he admires. The plan is to have an intervention at Jerry's house with a whole bunch of old school friends there as well. When Elaine goes back, Noel is clueless who laughed but she will never forget it. Meanwhile, Kramer joins the Polar Bears, a group of swimmers who swim in the winter, and creates a cologne that smells like the beach. However, everyone thinks it stinks and it will be a total failure. George breaks up with Noel, knowing she would dump him soon anyway. Later, the two meet at Monk's and Noel actually didn't want to dump him, and says she'll do anything to get back together with him. He asks to just think of him all the time, and so he now has the upper hand. Meanwhile, the intervention is getting started, but Kramer brings his Polar Bear friends and George and Noel come unexpectedly. At the intervention, Noel realizes that Elaine is the one who laughed at her recital. As a result, Noel dumps George. When Richie comes, he simply asks "What's going on?" and the screen fades to black. In the end credits, Jerry tells George that Richie now is doing great in rehab, but is now addicted to Pez.

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