Gender Male
First Appearance "The Reverse Peephole"

Silvio is the landlord of Jerry, Kramer and Newman's apartment building. He only appeared in "The Reverse Peephole". He is a very shrewd and temperamental foreign man married to the attractive Svetlana, who unbeknownst to him, is having an affair with Newman. Silvio appears to be jealous of Jerry's fame, not hesitating to mock him for owning a coat and a purse while also angrily claiming that Jerry gets showered with love and kisses because of his fame, much to Jerry and Kramer's disturbance.

Notes About Nothing

  • Despite being the manager of the apartment building, in the season 2 episode "The Apartment", the duo of Harold and Manny were shown to be the managers. Likely indicating that they sold the building to Silvio or simply that Silvio had them run the building on his behalf.

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