Sidney Fields
Sid Fields
Sid Fields, as seen in The Old Man
Gender Male
First Appearance "The Old Man"
Last Appearance "The Pilot"
Occupation Retired
Portrayed By Bill Erwin

Sidney Fields is an elderly man whom Jerry briefly takes care of in “The Old Man”. He was portrayed by the late Bill Erwin.


Jerry, Elaine, and George all start watching after elderly people for service. Sid is a very angry man, and already has a housekeeper. He constantly pushes Jerry's buttons, by constantly calling him "Idiot!", and even thinks Jerry is going to murder him, and calls him weak when he doesn't. When he starts to throw out old records, Kramer and Newman ask to take them. When they start taking them, he forces them to leave, and accidentally loses his teeth in the garbage disposal. When they try taking him to the dentist, he escapes. He is not seen until the end of the episode, where he is at Monk's Cafe with George's senior, similar to how Jerry and George do.

Sid is also briefly seen in The Pilot. He is seen watching the show Jerry with his housekeeper; realizing that Jerry is the star, he starts talking bad about him.

Notes about Nothing

  • Veteran actor Bill Erwin was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his portrayal of Sid Fields.
  • Fields is named after the landlord on the Abbott and Costello Show.


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