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Gender Male
Family Daughter: Audrey
First Appearance "The Pie"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Former Occupations Owner of Poppie's
Portrayed By Reni Santoni

Poppie is a minor character in Seinfeld.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Poppie is an immigrant from Tuscany, Italy. When he was ten years old, his pregnant mother was kidnapped by communists and placed in a slave labor camp where she worked for twelve years. She lost the baby while in the camp, leading to Poppie's strong anti-abortion opinions. When she got out of the camp was on a boat to America, she died from eating some bad fish. After coming to America himself, Poppie opened up a restaurant called “Poppie's” and had a daughter named Audrey who worked as a hostess at his restaurant. Jerry Seinfeld dated Audrey in “The Pie” and was confused when she refused to have a piece of his pie. He went to Poppie's with Audrey, but refused to eat the pizza Poppie made personally because Jerry noticed that Poppie didn't wash his hands in the bathroom. Poppie's restaurant was temporarily shut down by the health department because of several complaints. Poppie managed to reopen the restaurant and was called one of the cleanest kitchens in the city in New York Magazine. Jerry still didn't want to eat Poppie's food in “The Couch” and purposely starts a fight between Elaine and Poppie about the issue of abortion. Poppie had to go to the hospital after the fight he had with Elaine because it upset his gastro-intestinal disorder. Poppie dropped by Jerry's apartment to pick up money from the unpaid check. It was then that he sat down and unknowingly urinated on Jerry's sofa. Poppie was going to go into business with Cosmo Kramer by starting a restaurant where you make your own pizza pie, but an argument over the toppings of the pizza led to an end to their partnership. He appears briefly in “The Doorman” where he urinates on the same sofa, which Georges father had been sleeping on after he moved in with George until its used replace the old one in an apartment building's lobby. He also appears in “The Finale”.


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