Mrs. Ross

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Mrs. Ross
Gender Female
Family Husband: Henry Ross

Daughter: Susan Ross

Son: Ricky Ross

First Appearance "The Cheever Letters"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Occupation Socialite
Portrayed By Grace Zabriskie

Mrs. Ross is a minor Seinfeld character. She was the mother of Susan Ross, who died after licking toxic envelopes. Her first name is never revealed. Mrs. Ross has a son, Ricky, and a sister-in-law, Sarah.

She appears to be extremely sarcastic and is constantly making fun of her husband. She is very relaxed and cheerful, opposed to her husband's grumpy and composed manner. She also appears to have a liking of alcohol, especially wine.

Mrs. Ross was portrayed by Grace Zabriskie, who first appeared in "The Cheever Letters". She was shocked to learn that her husband, Henry, had a homosexual, clandestine affair with John Cheever.

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