Mel Sanger
Gender Male
Family Son: Donald Sanger
First Appearance "The Bubble Boy"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Occupation Yoo-hoo Truck Driver
Portrayed By Brian Doyle-Murray

Mel Sanger is a minor Seinfeld character. He is a Yoo-hoo truck driver and has a son named Donald Sanger with an immune disease that causes him to have to live in a bubble.

Mel appears to be very loving, but is frustrated about several things, including when people believe the bubble is like an igloo and the fact that his son Donald has the TV remote constantly.

Mel is portrayed by Brian Doyle-Murray, who appears in three episodes: “The Bubble Boy”, “The Pilot, Part 2" (where he is watching Jerry's show with his family) and “The Finale, Part 2” (where he helps Donald into the courtroom).

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