Manya is a member of Jerry's family (their relationship is never defined; he thinks she is Helen's second-cousin). Manya made her lone appearance in "The Pony Remark"; she is a Polish immigrant who had a pony when she was a girl. Jerry, Elaine, his parents and Uncle Leo had dinner with Manya and her husband Isaac for their 50th wedding anniversary; at dinner, Jerry jokingly remarks that he hated anyone who ever had a pony growing up, to which Manya reacts angrily, and leaves the dinner table in a huff. The next day Jerry receives a phone call saying that Manya had died. Helen and Elaine immediately wonder if her death had anything to do with Jerry's pony remark, making Jerry feel guilty. Much to Jerry's relief, at the funeral Manya's husband Isaac tells him that Manya had forgotten all about the pony remark, and that she was "much more upset about the potato salad". Manya was portrayed by late Rozsika Halmos  .

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