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Izzy Mandelbaum
Gender Male
First Appearance "The English Patient"
Last Appearance "The Blood"
Occupation Owner of Magic Pan
Portrayed By Lloyd Bridges

Izzy Mandelbaum is an 80-year-old man and resident of Del Boca Vista who can't stand to lose. He apparently had a son and father who were both extremely old; they all work at a family restaurant known as the Magic Pan. Izzy is obssessed with physical fitness and challenged Jerry to a weightlifting competition, which lands him in a hospital. His son and father do the same against Jerry. With all three of them in the hospital, Izzy hired Kramer's Dominican friends to roll crepes at the Magic Pan, but they were rolled too tightly and hurt people. Izzy was later hired by Jerry's parents to be his physical trainer. Jerry's final workout with Izzy resulted in a blood transfusion for Jerry from Newman.


  • It's go time.
  • Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! (He and his father and son chant their last name.)
  • All aboard the pain train.
  • If you want to live in a butcher shop, I'm gonna treat you like a piece of meat.
  • What in holy hell?
  • Step aside, string bean.
  • You think you're better than me?
  • "More cowbell!!"


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