George Wendt (born October 17, 1948) is an American comedic actor who appeared as Norm Peterson on all eleven seasons of the hit sitcom Cheers. He had a cameo in “The Trip, Part 1”.

He was approached by George Costanza while both were backstage at The Tonight Show. Costanza asked him why they are always at the bar on Cheers and if they were ever going to appear in a different setting. He told Costanza that he didn't know, but agreed with him that maybe it's time they try something new. He did a complete 180 when being interviewed on The Tonight Show and complained about the fans who ask him why they are always at a bar on Cheers. Costanza was humiliated as The Tonight Show audience laughed when Wendt called him a nut and viciously mocked his suggestion that Cheers move away from its bar setting.

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