Aliases The Barber
Gender Male
Family Nephew: Gino
First Appearance "The Barber"
Occupation Barber
Portrayed By Antony Ponzini

Enzo is a one-time Seinfeld character. Enzo is a barber and the subject of the season five episode "The Barber". Enzo is portrayed by Antony Ponzini.


Enzo appears in The Barber. He is revealed to have been Jerry's barber for 12 years, but seems to have no knowledge of cutting hair. In the episode, Jerry arrives at the barbershop because Kramer told him that Enzo had the day off, and his nephew Gino (who is talented in cutting hair) will be there. Enzo, however, is there and cuts Jerry's hair especially for him. Jerry goes to Gino's home at night to ask Gino to fix his hair, only to have Enzo arrive to return Edward Scissorhands to Gino. Jerry manages to hide, but Enzo finds his hair and is extremely suspicious. Enzo hires Newman to get a sample of Jerry's hair, only to have his suspicions confirmed.


Enzo appears to be rather senile, but appreciates loyal customers, including Jerry whom he has been cutting his hair for 12 years. However friendly as he appears, he is extremely resentful of people who betray him.


Season 5

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