Cheryl Fong (played by Maggie Han) is a lawyer. She was one of George’s girlfriends and the cousin of Ping.

She first appeared in “The Visa”; she initially agrees to dismiss Ping’s lawsuit against Elaine Benes. She also agrees to help Jerry Seinfeld with Babu Bhatt’s visa problems. She falls for Jerry because of his dark, disturbed, sad and serious tone. Cheryl breaks up with George when he tells her it was an act. When asked if he could call her, Cheryl told George “Please don’t.” Because she was lied to, Cheryl brings back Ping’s lawsuit for double the damages; furthermore, she decides against helping Jerry with Babu. Ping said of his cousin, "You think she nice girl? She's a shark. They call her the Terminator!"

Cheryl and Ping make their final appearances in “The Pilot, Part 2”. They are seen watching Jerry as Ping says to Cheryl "I can't believe you were attracted to him" (meaning Jerry).

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