Main Characters

These are the characters portrayed on Seinfeld.

Main Characters

Jerry Seinfeld
George Costanza
Elaine Benes
Cosmo Kramer

Recurring characters

Newman (Jerry's Neighbor)
Bob Sacamano (Kramer's Friend)
Ruthie Cohen (Monk's Cashier)
Morty Seinfeld (Jerry's Father)
Helen Seinfeld (Jerry's Mother)
Estelle Costanza (George's Mother)
Frank Costanza (George's Father)
Uncle Leo (Jerry's Uncle)
Susan Ross (George's Fiancée)
Jacopo Peterman (Elaine's Boss)
George Steinbrenner (George's Boss)
Matthew Wilhelm (George's Supervisor)
David Puddy (Elaine's Ex-boyfriend)
Kenny Bania (Disliked Standup Comedian)
"Crazy" Joe Davola (Elaine's Ex-boyfriend)
Jackie Chiles (Kramer's Lawyer)
Lomez (Kramer's Friend)
Officer Bookman
Mickey Abbott
Jack Klompus (Del Boca Vista Resident)
George (Fikri) (Monk’s employee)
Babs Kramer (Kramer's Mother)
Babu Bhatt (Pakistani restaurant owner)

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