Carol2 1
Gender Female
Family Husband: Michael
Son: Adam
Son: Unnamed son
First Appearance "The Boyfriend"
Last Appearance "The English Patient"
Occupation Unknown
Portrayed By Lisa Mende

Carol, played by Lisa Mende, was a mutual friend of the main characters. Carol and her husband, Michael, lived in the Hamptons, and she kept insisting that the group come out to see her baby. She had two babies, a cute one that was dropped by Kramer in "The Boyfriend", and an ugly baby that was introduced in "The Hamptons". Kramer once likened the cute baby to Lyndon Johnson while Elaine compared the ugly one to a Pekinese. Carol is notable for her nasal voice and her memorable quote: "You gotta have a baby!" or "You gotta see the baby!" in "The Soul Mate".

Her final appearance was in "The English Patient", when she and her friends shunned Elaine after she showed her dislike for the film of the same name.


She is one of the few recurring female characters.