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Babu Bhatt
Babu in The Finale
Gender Male
Family Brother: Unnamed Brother
First Appearance "The Cafe"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Occupation Former Cafe Owner

Former Busboy

Portrayed By Brian George

Babu Bhatt is an immigrant from Pakistan. Jerry seems to mess up his life at every turn. Babu is played by Brian George.


Babu is first seen in “The Cafe”, standing outside his new business, the Dream Cafe. When nobody goes in, Jerry decides to go. He first gives bad business advice on his restaurant by saying it should be all Pakistani. This results in Babu's restaurant going out of business. Jerry then gets Babu a job at Monk's Cafe, but he accidentally got Babu's visa renewal forms, and does not realize until Babu is being deported. Jerry tries getting George's girlfriend (a lawyer) to help him, but when she and George have a falling-out, she does not help and Babu is sent to Pakistan. Babu starts saying that Jerry is a "very, very bad man" (wagging his finger), and plots his revenge. In “The Finale”, Babu is brought back in to testify against Jerry, where he retells the story, and ends by wagging his finger and calling Jerry a "very, very bad man" again.


The name Babu Bhatt is a Hindu name, very common in the state of Gujarat in India, in the Brahmin community in the state. An immigrant from Pakistan, as is Babu Bhatt, is therefore unlikely to have this name. However, India and Pakistan used to be one colony (British India) where Muslims and Hindus were relatively homogenously dispersed. The writers of Seinfeld likely derived the name for the character from the substantial Gujarati community in the United States, particularly in New York and New Jersey.

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