Babs Kramer

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Babs Kramer
Babs kramer
Gender Female
Family Son: Cosmo Kramer

Husband: Unnamed Husband

First Appearance "The Nose Job"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Portrayed By Sheree North

Babs Kramer is Kramer's mother. She is mentioned many times as a drunk, but in "The Switch", she claims to have been clean for two years. She is only mentioned in episodes such as "The Nose Job", "The Jacket", and "The Keys" until "The Switch", where she is seen for the first time. There she works as a matron in a restaurant bathroom, and reveals Kramer's first name is Cosmo, to George's surprise. George then gets Babs to wait for his girlfriend to go to the bathroom to see if she is bulimic, but Kramer convinces her to quit, which she does. Babs is not seen again until a brief appearance in "The Finale", but is still mentioned in between. Babs was portrayed by Sheree North.

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